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Happy New Year :) English.

Ends in 2010 the year you were born in which to mature personally and professionally to be a humble blog visited by few people nationwide, has gradually be read by countries that never thought we Lerias as India, The Salvador, Ukraine and a long etc.
Little by little we‘ve gotten from the great information pages of Madonna, starting with this blog we have opened up new frontiers to social networks as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube to reach every day more and more people to keep them informed.
It was a busy year for us we try to keep the blog updated hourly with all matters related to M, with sales of travel Sticky & Sweet Tour, the MDG campaign, its incorporation into the world of fashion with MaterialGirl, his footsteps as a film director and now and not least his career in his group HardCandy Fitness Gym, as always known to be in all areas without harass too and most importantly for us all is to finally prepare the new disk next year.
This 2011 we hope to help us bring new improvements, more information and this long awaited album which we hope to be like Madonna says very danceable and have us all dancing all year.
From MdollaWorld hope that 2011 brings you everything that 2010 was left in the pipeline, we can continue reporting and there from your house you take cognizance of everything that will make M in the next year the post last year but not the last of our short life next year we are eager to be here every day to be a bit bigger Thank you and Happy 2011

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